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Upcoming Live Instruction

(Webinars only until COVID-19 restrictions allow in-person workshops)


FREE Webinar for CEOs at Accelerators (& similar groups)
Overview of Fundraising Strategy and How to Raise Capital

Tuesday 9/29/2020 from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm

Event Sponsor: Miles & Stockbridge (Venroy July)

Register: ask your accelerator program director for the registration link so you can register ASAP because this free webinar will fill up. Accelerators can request to attend by emailing

Attendees: Accelerate Baltimore, Conscious Venture Lab, FITCI, Hutch Incubator, BYP, and Frederick County Minority Business Executive Development Program

Description: This webinar will answer questions such as:

  • How do you know if you should bootstrap vs. raise capital?
  • What is the impact of dilution?
  • What do you need to raise equity capital and when?

FREE Webinar for Accelerators & Coaches:
Leveraging our Foundation Course

Friday 10/2/2020 from 12:00-1:00 pm: Registration Link

This webinar is for accelerators and coaches, who plan to use our online Foundation Course to prepare CEOs for an investor pitch competition (or to raise an equity round). Who should attend?

  • Accelerator instructors/mentors and independent coaches, who should download our Free Getting Started Guide in advance.
  • CEO/entrepreneur attendance is optional.

FREE Webinar for Students:
Advanced Fundraising Topics

Monday 10/12/2020 from 8:00-9:00 am

(Student Entrepreneurs at Johns Hopkins School of Education)

This webinar is for student entrepreneurs and will cover fundraising topics not included in our College Foundation Course:

  • Fundraising strategy – what are the two most important factors?
  • When should you avoid taking outside investment and when does it make sense to do so?
  • If you need to raise growth capital, why should you first achieve as many milestones as you can?
  • Overview of how to raise equity capital?

Masterclass for CEOs of Companies with $5 to $25 Million of Revenue: Maximizing the Valuation of Your Recurring Revenue Business

Fall 2020 Webinar or Spring 2021 Class (TBD)

How to maximize the valuation of your recurring revenue business – what do investors care about and why?  This masterclass is also relevant to CEOs who are trying to convert to a recurring revenue business model.

  • Event Sponsors: DLA Piper (Michael Helmicki and Matt Gorra)
  • Attendees: friends and clients of DLA Piper and Camden Partners
  • Instructor: Jason Tagler, Founder of Pitch Creator

Past Live Instruction

(Webinars & In-person Classes)

Getting Started Guide for Entrepreneurship Instructors at Colleges & Universities

FREE Webinar for College Entrepreneurship Instructors:
Leveraging our College Foundation Course

Friday 9/18/2020 from 12:00-1:00 pm: Registration Link

This FREE webinar is for college/university entrepreneurship instructors, who plan to use our online College Foundation Course to prepare student entrepreneurs for an investor pitch competition. Who should attend?

  • College entrepreneurship instructors, TAs, mentors, and coaches, who should download our Free Getting Started Guide in advance.
  • Student entrepreneur attendance is optional.
Collegiate Investor Pitch Competition

A live webinar for college and university instructors preparing students for The New York State Business Pitch Competition (NYBPC). Topics included how to use our College Foundation Course to leverage instructor time and create student improvement scores.

  • Event Partner: The New York State Business Pitch Competition is the largest collegiate competition in the country with 70+ colleges/universities participating
  • Location: Online webinar
Entrepreneur Group

An in-person class for CEOs and entrepreneurs on how to create an effective pitch to investors and what mistakes to avoid.


An in-person class for CEOs and entrepreneurs on how to create an effective pitch to investors and what potential pitfalls to avoid.

  • Event Partner: The ETC’s award-winning Accelerate Baltimore program culminates in an investor pitch competition with a $100,000 convertible note investment to the winning company.
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
Business School Entrepreneurship Group

A live webinar for students in the Hult Entrepreneurs Network on how to use our College Foundation Course to develop the three types of investor pitches required to be successful when fundraising.