About Us

Pitch Creator’s mission is to help create jobs in geographic areas that need them the most.   

We do that by teaching entrepreneurs how to communicate with investors and raise growth capital for their businesses.”

– Jason Tagler, Founder

► Origin Story

We started in 2015 by teaching live classes to entrepreneurs at incubators/accelerators in the Baltimore area. Since we wanted to create as many jobs as possible, we developed a curriculum that would apply to the CEOs of all of the following:

• Companies with different types of business models (startups, small businesses, and traditional businesses); and

• Businesses at almost any fundraising stage (angel, seed, venture capital, growth equity, and sale/buyout).


We couldn’t find a book or learning materials that supported what we were teaching and how we were teaching it, so we created our own e-guides. In 2017, we converted those e-guides and our class materials into our first online course.

What we didn’t expect was that our online course could also be used by college/university entrepreneurship instructors to prepare students for investor pitch competitions (like Shark Tank).

Who We Serve

We primarily serve the following three groups of people through our education platform (website, online courses, live presentations, and consulting):

1. CEOs and founders who need to raise capital.

2. Coaches, mentors, and instructors who work with those entrepreneurs.

3. College/university instructors who are preparing student entrepreneurs for an investor pitch event (like Shark Tank).

Multiplier Effect

When a CEO is able to break through and access growth capital, it usually results in high-quality job creation and there is a multiplier effect because that CEO:

• Is better able to raise growth capital in the future;

• Can be an example and/or mentor for others, which creates a cascading benefit in the entrepreneurial community; and

• Has a better chance of starting more successful companies.

How Are We Different?

Fundamental Principles First: We teach the fundamental principles of raising capital that can be applied to any stage, or type, of company (not just early-stage tech startups).  After that foundation of knowledge is solid, we teach advanced skills on it. 


Learning Journey: Our courses take entrepreneurs on a learning journey that is designed for efficiency.  Studying the right information in the right order, and getting feedback at the right points time, are all important. 


Hybrid Learning: Most of our courses are designed so the entrepreneur stops at certain points and gets feedback from a coach, mentor, or colleague. These feedback loops allow the entrepreneur to try-fail-learn with their coach, and before they get in front of investors.


Improvement Scores for Fundraising: A coach can score an entrepreneur on core learning objectives as they progress through our courses. This is not a grade, but a relative improvement score that allows the coach to focus on the areas where the entrepreneur needs the most help. Then, those scores can be averaged across a group of entrepreneurs and used to show the success of the education program, support grant applications or budgets, or for other fundraising purposes.


Create Jobs: Our primary goal is to help create jobs and we do that through our education platform (website, online courses, presentations, workshops, and consulting services) that teaches entrepreneurs how to communicate with investors and raise growth capital. When entrepreneurs raise capital for their businesses, it usually results in the creation of new, high-quality jobs.


In Areas that Need Jobs: We want to help create jobs in areas that need them the most. Therefore, we focus our energy helping entrepreneurs who:

  • Are raising capital for the first time
  • Do not have the networks and advantages of CEOs who are in Silicon Valley or similar areas
  • Are not backed by professional investors

How We Measure Our Impact

Learning Improvement Scores: First, we focus on how much entrepreneurs are learning and improving.  Most of our courses use a hybrid learning model and coaches can score students as they progress. This not a grade, but a relative improvement score on core learning objectives. To date, we have seen an average improvement of over 50% on core learning objectives.


Hustle Award: We believe grit and persistence are correlated to long-term entrepreneurial success. Therefore, we enjoy recognizing entrepreneurs who have improved the most with our Hustle Award.  See an example here: University of Baltimore


Other Ways We Measure Impact:

  • Dollars raised – over $78 million raised by just the entrepreneurs who have volunteered testimonials for our website.
  • Colleges & Universities – over 750 student entrepreneurs have used our online courses.
  • Lessons watched – over 5,000.

Financial Goal

Our financial goal is to be “cash flow breakeven,” meaning zero profit.  Our founder and advisory board members volunteer their time. After covering our operating costs, we reinvest any profits into hiring people to help us continually improve our education platform (website, courses, presentations, workshops, and consulting services).  In years when we are cash flow negative, our founder works to fill the funding gap.

Our Team

We have experience, “sitting on both sides of the table” — the investing side and fundraising side. We have collectively:

•  Invested over $120 million in angel, seed, venture capital, growth equity, and buyout rounds.

•  Raised over $150 million for funds and individual companies.

This investing and fundraising experience is incorporated into our courses and programs.

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