About Us


Pitch Creator’s mission is to help CEOs/entrepreneurs learn how to raise growth capital for their businesses.

Our focus is on teaching CEOs/entrepreneurs how to efficiently create the 3 types of business pitches to investors that they need to be successful. Our online courses take entrepreneurs on an efficient learning journey.

Who We Serve

We serve two groups of people:

1) CEOs/entrepreneurs – who want to learn how to pitch investors because they need to raise equity capital (angel, seed, or VC rounds), apply for a small business loan, or are competing in a business pitch competition.

2) College/university entrepreneurship instructors – who have a business pitch event at the end of their semester class and want to efficiently prepare their students (with no impact to their existing class curriculum).

Multiplier Effect

When a CEO/entrepreneur is able to break through and raise growth capital for their business, it usually results in the creation of new, high-quality jobs. 

However, there is also a multiplier effect because that CEO:

  • Can be a role model and mentor for others, which creates a cascading benefit in the entrepreneurial community; and
  • Has a better chance of starting more successful companies throughout his/her career. 

► Pitch Creator Summary

– Over 2,500 students/entrepreneurs have used our online courses.

– Pitch Creator has been featured in Inc MagazineEntrepreneur Magazine Online, Technical.ly, and Baltimore-area news (Press)

– The CEOs who have volunteered testimonials on our website have collectively raised over $80 million for their businesses.

– We have led over 20 custom training programs.

– We have partnered with over 35 organizations (colleges/universities and other) such as Frederick County’s S.H.E Pitch, Minority Innovation Weekend, and T. Rowe Price Foundation.


Check out this article in Technical.ly to learn more.

Origin Story


– 2014 to 2017: Jason Tagler taught live classes to entrepreneurs in the Baltimore area with the goal of helping to create new jobs. We couldn’t find books that supported what he was teaching, so we built our own learning materials.

– 2017: we created our first online course, The Foundation Course, which teaches CEOs/entrepreneurs how to efficiently create three types of business pitches to investors.

– 2018: we created our second online course, the College Foundation Course. College/university entrepreneurship instructors use this online course to prepare students for business pitch events.

– 2019 to Present: we have continued to improve our courses/learning materials and expand our impact.


Pitch Creator is a social impact organization that self-funds operations by selling online courses and some pitch-coaching services. We don’t compete with non-profits for tax-free donations.