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You need to be a natural salesperson to communicate effectively with investors and raise capital.


Investor pitch coaching needs to be time intensive and it is difficult to measure quantitative improvement.


Pitch Creator was founded in 2014 to create jobs in Baltimore by helping entrepreneurs learn how to communicate with investors and raise capital. We started by teaching live classes for 3+ years. Today, online courses have expanded our reach and allowed us to serve the following people:

•  CEOs – who need to raise capital.

•  Coaches – who work with those entrepreneurs.

•  College Instructorswho are preparing student entrepreneurs for an investor pitch event (like Shark Tank).


Our purpose is to create jobs and we do that by:

•  Creating courses that teach entrepreneurs how to communicate with investors and raise capital.

•  Reinvesting the profits we make into hiring people who help us continually improve our educational platform.

Financial Goal

Each year, Pitch Creator’s financial goal is to be “cash flow break even,” meaning zero profit. This is because as described above, we reinvest profits (cash flow) into hiring people to help us improve our courses, services, website, etc. This furthers our purpose of creating more high-quality jobs.

Our Team

The Pitch Creator team is below. We have experience, “sitting on both sides of the table” — the investing side and fundraising side. We have collectively:

•  Invested over $120 million in angel, seed, venture capital, growth equity, and buyout rounds.

•  Raised over $150 million for funds and individual companies.

This investing and fundraising experience is incorporated into our courses and programs.

Why Our Courses Are Different

We work backwards from the goal of creating jobs. Thus, our flagship Foundation Course:

•  Teaches fundamental principles of raising capital that can be applied to any stage or type of company (not just early-stage tech startups).

•  Can measure how much each CEO has improved during the course. Learn more by clicking here.

For us, it’s about the impact on entrepreneurs and jobs we help create.

Jason Tagler
Volunteer Director & Founder
Emily Hill
Director of Operations
Ron Stubblefield
Coach & Instructor
Henry Mortimer
Coach & Instructor
Sean McElroy
Sean McElroy
Coach & Instructor
Calvin Young
Coach & Instructor
Mary Ellen Beliveau
Advisory Board
Eric Allen
Advisory Board
Deborah Tillett
Advisory Board
Jennifer Meyer
Advisory Board