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Since 2016, we have been working with the University of Baltimore’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to help prepare student entrepreneurs, and alumni entrepreneurs, for multiple business pitch competitions per year.

Reference: Henry Mortimer, Center Director


“Pitch Creator prepared student entrepreneurs for our business pitch competition and measured how they improved during the process.”


Case Studies: 2019 Case Study2018 Case Study

Hustle Award Videos (~2 min): 2020 H.A. | 2019 H.A. | 2018 H.A






Since 2017, the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School has used our online College Foundation Course to prepare over 200 graduate entrepreneurship students for an investor pitch event (like Shark Tank) at the end of their Entrepreneurial Finance class.

Reference: Jim Kyung-Soo Liew, Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurial Finance


“All my entrepreneurial finance courses culminate in a shark-tank-style business pitch. We tried Pitch Creator’s online course and it worked really well. Students are now required to use it in my class to prepare for their final pitch.”


Video Testimonial: Jim Kyung-Soo Liew Video

Case Study: Entrepreneurial Finance

The Johns Hopkins School of Education has used our online College Foundation Course to prepare over 100 graduate entrepreneurship students for an investor pitch event (like Shark Tank) at the end of their semester class.

Video Testimonial: Joseph Olchefske video, Adjunct Professor


“The course where I used Pitch Creator consisted of non-US students and Pitch Creator’s online course was a tremendous supplement to prepare them for a business pitch presentation.”


Video Testimonial: Mustafa Wahid video, Adjunct Faculty


“I was able to drag-and-drop Pitch Creator’s online course right into my syllabus to help prepare students for a business pitch presentation at the end of the semester.”

Project Opportunity provides free entrepreneur training for veterans, active duty, reservist and military spouses via training programs in cities throughout Maryland. Since 2020, we have been honored to help their team prepare veteran entrepreneurs for business pitch competitions.

Reference: Joe Giordano, Founder (


“We formed a partnership with Pitch Creator to assist our program’s business pitch competition and we are so glad we did!”

We have been working with StartupGrind Columbia since 2018 to help them educate entrepreneurs (through workshops and by using our online Foundation Course) and prepare for the Startup Grind Pitch Battle Columbia-MD Edition.

Reference: Chris Haug, Chapter Director


“What better way to learn how to communicate with investors than with the Pitch Creator program?”




Since 2015, we have been working with the ETC Baltimore to help them prepare cohorts of entrepreneurs for their Accelerate Baltimore demo days and pitch competitions.

Reference: Deb Tillett, President/Executive Director

Video Testimonial: Deb Tillett video

Case Studies: 2019 Case Study | 2018 Case Study



Betamore is a a campus for entrepreneurship + innovation, and co-working space. Since 2017, we have been working with the Betamore team to help prepare entrepreneurs for their BetaCity pitch competition events.

Reference: Greg Cangialosi, Co-founder


“Pitch Creator is an incredibly valuable framework for entrepreneurs looking to take their pitch to the next level.”