Early-Stage Companies & First-Time CEOs

Raised over $8.0 million

“As a first-time founder, pitching your company is incredibly daunting. For me, Pitch Creator boiled the art of the pitch down into concise, consumable parts that I used to raise over $1.8M in my first seed round.”

– Param Shah

Founder and CEO, FactoryFour

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Raised $600k

Brad Hennessie

CEO, NextStep Robotics

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“I recently finished the Pitch Creator Foundation Course, and have one word to describe it — valuable!”

– Andrew Suggs

CEO, LiveChair

Raised over $4.0 million

Carolyn Yarina

CEO, Sisu Global Health

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Raised FIRST $25k with our Course

Winston Frazer

CEO, Danae Prosthetics

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Won MULTIPLE pitch competitions

“Pitch Creator demystifies the fundraising process and helped propel our fundraising timeline.”

– Aaron Hsu

CEO, ClearMask

Secured $100k in Seed Funding

“Pitch Creator provided an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that was pivotal in winning $100,000 in initial seed funding.”

– Mark McTamney

CEO and Founder, IsItGood

Won pitch competition and $100k


“The “Read Me Pitch” is like working your core muscles for sports. You always have this rock-solid base to lean on no matter what happens.”

– Jared Marmen

CEO, Chord Collar

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Secured $100k in Seed Funding

“Sure, we raised money in prior companies, but Pitch Creator made it easier. Next round, we’ll do a Pitch Creator refresher. It’s a no-brainer.”

– PJ Bellomo

Chairman, Blue Sources

Won pitch competition and $100k

“Pitch Creator enabled us to create an effective and impactful pitch that took our company to the next level.”

– Freddie Ephraim


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