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November 2018

We partnered with the the University of Baltimore’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to help prepare their finalists for Attman Competitive Business Prize. We did this by combining our online Incubator Course with one-on-one coaching.  Pitch Creator sponsored the “Hustle $500 Award” and presented it to the student entrepreneur who improved the most during the coaching process. You can read more here: Aricle


September 2018

See our article in an Entrepreneur Magazine about common mistakes entrepreneurs make that impact their ability to get funded. Click this link to read the article:

5 Painful True Reasons You’re Not Getting Funded – and What to Do About it

June 2018

We launched a FREE mini-course called, “Why a Read Me Pitch is more important than a slide deck when pitching investors.” Click this link to check out this FREE report:

FREE mini-course – Why a Read Me Pitch is more important than a slide deck when pitching investors

May 2018

We created a FREE report on the, “Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Pitching Investors.” It reveals 9 common mistakes and insider secrets that could save you countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars when you are pitching investors!  Click this link to get access to this FREE report:

FREE Report – Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Pitching Investors


May 2018

We are excited to add the  Frederick County Office of Economic Development as a Learning Program Partner as they use our courses for Hood College, FITCI (their incubator) and ROOT, which is the county’s new business and technology cultivation center in downtown Frederick.  You can read more in this  City Biz List  article.

January 2018

Learn how our online course is used by entrepreneurs and student entrepreneurs in this Inc. Magazine online article. Click this link to check it out:

Entrepreneurs Finally Have a Secret Weapon to Creating Pitch Decks

January 2018

We expanded our partnership with the University of Baltimore, which is using our online courses in multiple programs including the following: 1) Rise to the Challenge  spring pitch competition, 2) Attman Business Competition, which is UB’s version of Shark Tank,  3)  Entrepreneurship Fellows Program, and 4) Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

December 2017

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School will use our online course in multiple entrepreneurial finance classes taught by Professor Jim Kyung-Soo Liew.

December 2017

Loyola University of Maryland will use our online, self-study courses in multiple entrepreneurship classes in the spring semester to help prepare students for their Pathways to Innovation Program, in their entrepreneurship center, and for their Building a Better World Through Business event.

October 2017

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) will use our online, self-study courses in the Alex Brown Center for Entrepreneurship for the entrepreneurial finance class taught by Professor Jason Pappas


March 2017

CEO Pitch Coach announces it will be re-branded as Pitch Creator in a  City Biz List  video interview.