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We help CEOs and Founders tackle their biggest fundraising challenges:

1 You need to communicate effectively with investors/lenders.

2 Fundraising is one job that you cannot delegate or outsource.

3 As the CEO, you have a high opportunity cost of time.

4 Your business also has a high opportunity cost of time.

Our Foundation Course helps you overcome these challenges.

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Foundation Course

Without the Foundation Course – Enter the “Tornado of Chaos”

Preparing to deliver an effective pitch to investors can be like entering a “tornado of chaos,” because you need to know which 25 business concepts investors care most about and develop skills in multiple, disparate areas.  The available learning materials are fragmented/incomplete so many CEOs struggle for 6-18 months trying to create an effective pitch to investors:


With the Foundation Course – Take an Efficient Learning Journey

Our online Foundation Course takes entrepreneurs on an efficient “learning journey.”  You will learn concepts (and work through them) in the right order, so you don’t waste time. As you watch video lessons, you will use templates/examples and follow step-by-step instructions to accelerate your learning process.


Kristen Valdes

CEO, b.well Connected Health

Chris Sleat

CEO, Workbench Platform

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Foundation Course

Free Pitch Creator Resources

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Foundation Course

Foundation Course: Investor Pitch Basics

Chapter 1 Preview


Foundation Course: Investor Pitch Basics

Chapter 3 Preview


Carolyn Yarina

CEO, Sisu Global Health

Mark Olcott

CEO, VitusVet