Improvement Scores

Student Improvement Scores for Grants & Fundraising

Hybrid Learning Model

Our online Foundation Course uses a hybrid learning model and is designed to be used in conjunction with a mentor/coach, who provides feedback on the drafts the CEOs create based on templates in the course. These feedback loops allow the entrepreneur to try-and-learn many times with their coach and before they get in front of investors or judges.

It typically takes a CEO 6-8 weeks to complete our online Foundation Course because they are working with a coach through multiple feedback loops. A coach usually spends a total of 2-4 hours with a CEO during those 6-8 weeks. Most of that time is over email, phone, or online video with one final in-person (or online video) session to review the final presentation. Therefore, one coach can work with multiple CEOs at the same time.

Student Improvement Score

Using the Foundation Course, coaches can also score CEOs on core learning objectives during feedback loops and this:

1.  Allows coaches to stay organized when working with multiple entrepreneurs and focus on areas where each needs improvement; and

2.  Creates a relative improvement score for each entrepreneur.

Grants & Fundraising

The student improvement scores can be averaged to calculate an improvement score for the program as a whole. This score can be used:

  • to show quantitative success of the education program
  • to strengthen future grant applications
  • for other budget and fundraising purposes

Please see examples and case studies below…

Examples and Case Studies

The ETC Accelerate Baltimore program culminates in 6 entrepreneurs competing for $100,000 convertible-note investment:

2019 Fall:

62% Average Improvement in Learning Objectives

View: 2019 ETC Case Study

2018 Fall:

Increased Pitch Quality while Reducing Staff Time

View: 2018 ETC Case Study

Reference: Deb Tillett

President and Executive Director

(410) 327-9150

The University of Baltimore runs multiple investor pitch competitions each year.

2019 Fall:

151% Average Improvement on Learning Objectives

Watch: 2019 Hustle Award

View: 2019 UB Case Study

2018 Fall:

64% Average Improvement on Learning Objectives

Watch: 2018 Hustle Award

View: 2018 UB Case Study

Reference: Henry Mortimer

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

(410) 837-5975