CEOs and Founders

Online Learning

$29.99 – Foundation Course 2020

You, the CEO/entrepreneur, will learn the fundamental principles of communicating with investors and create the three types of pitches you need to be successful:

  1. Attention grabber (elevator pitch)
  2. Investment summary (read me pitch)
  3. Slide deck (listen to me pitch)

This course includes instructional videos, templates, and multiple e-books.  For accelerated learning, use this course with a mentor/coach. When you purchase for $29.99 you will receive a 6-month license ($5/month).

Closed for new enrollment – Foundation Course Fall 2019 

This course is closed for new Enrollment. Existing customers can access it using the button below.

Live Classes

LIVE: Masterclass for Later-Stage Companies

A one-day, continuing-education masterclass for CEOs of later-stage companies.  We will focus on creating an effective pitch to late-stage investors or positioning your company for sale.