Foundation Course for CEOs

The Online Foundation Course

Learn how to quickly and efficiently create 3 types of businesses pitches

The online Foundation Course is for CEOs/entrepreneurs who have a revenue-generating business and need to pitch investors and raise capital. It takes you on an efficient learning journey so you can quickly create the 3 types of business pitches to investors (elevator, read-me, and listen-to-me) you need to be successful when raising capital. This online course teaches fundamentals of communicating with investors, so it can be used to prepare for:

  • raising equity rounds (angel, seed, venture capital, or later); or
  • applying for a small business loan.

We have also had startups use this course to prepare for demo days and pitch competitions. However, the online Foundation Course does not going into detail on how to develop a business model or business plan. It helps you distill your business plan down into what is most important to investors and how to present that information to them in a way that is most effective.

Like a semester class, you will enroll in this online course by purchasing a 6-month license. You can work through the online course material on your own fairly quickly. However, we encourage you to get feedback on the drafts of the 3 types of pitches you create (especially the read-me pitch or Investment Summary) from team members, mentors, and coaches. Stopping to get this feedback and incorporate it will improve your final 3 pitches. The 6-month course license gives you plenty of time to get this feedback and also download the templates, e-guides, etc.

Enroll: $36 for a 6-month, online course license