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Do you want an EASIER way to prepare entrepreneurs
for an investor pitch? 

Our Foundation Course can help you if:

1 How to pitch investor and raise capital is time-consuming for you to teach

2 You are working with companies at different stages

3 Some are small/traditional businesses and others are true startups

4 You have entrepreneurs with different levels of experience

5 Your investor pitch competition takes a lot of administrative time


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Case Studies

62% Average Entrepreneur Improvement

151% Average Student Entrepreneur Improvement

Accelerator Winner of $100k

64% Average Student Entrepreneur Improvement

Ways Accelerators Use our Foundation Course



Accelerators make our Foundation Course part of their application process

Entrepreneurs purchase our online Foundation Course and submit an Investment Summary (second chapter) to the accelerator as part of their application process. The advantages are:

1. Education:  our online Foundation Course teaches applicants the “how and the why” of the Investment Summary.  This provides educational value, which they don’t receive from filling out an online form/application.

2. Screening: it is easy to screen applicants because the Investment Summary is designed so it can be quickly scanned for key information.

3. For the ~95% of applicants who get turned down: they have a way to improve for next time because they can continue to work through our Foundation Course and create all 3 types of investor pitches.




Accelerators use our Foundation Course to prepare finalists for their investor pitch competition

The program director downloads our Free Getting Started Guide and customizes the example timeline in the appendix to fit their accelerator program. CEOs should begin working through our online Foundation Course at least 6-10 weeks before their investor pitch competition (demo day).


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6-Month Online Course Licenses


A subscription to our online Foundation Course is $36 per person for a 6-month online course license(Please note, Pitch Creator self-funds by selling online courses; we don’t receive grants or tax-free donations)


Individual Purchase (Preferred Method)


The program director coordinates the following:

  1. For accelerator applicants – they submit an Investment Summary (chapter 2 of our Foundation Course) as part of their application process.
  2. For CEOs preparing for an investor pitch competition – the program director customizes the example timeline in the appendix of our Free Getting Started Guide and pairs each CEO with a coach from the accelerator program (or mentor in the CEO’s personal network).


The CEOs: purchase a subscription to our online Foundation Course as part of the accelerator application process (or just to prepare for the investor pitch competition).


The coaches: prepare to work with the CEOs by reviewing the program director’s timeline, purchasing our online Foundation Course, and downloading the Free Getting Started Guide.


Bulk Purchase (10+ Licenses)


The process is the same as the above except some program directors want to purchase a block of licenses in advance and offer them to the entrepreneurs and coaches for free. This is a courtesy service we provide to program directors who are purchasing a block of at least 10 licenses. Please click the button below.