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“College Instructors” want to prepare student entrepreneurs for a business pitch at the end of their semester class, or for a school-wide business pitch competition


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A subscription to our online College Foundation Course is $24 per student for a 6-month online course license. (Pitch Creator self-funds by selling online courses; we don’t receive grants or tax-free donations)


Individual Purchase (Preferred Method)

Instructors:  download our Free Getting Started Guide and use the example timeline in the appendix to integrate our online College Foundation Course into their class curriculum.

Students:  purchase our online College Foundation Course as they would a textbook.


Bulk Purchase (10+ Course Licenses)

The process is the same as the individual purchase above except some schools want to purchase a block of licenses in advance and offer them for free to their student entrepreneurs, instructors, TA’s, and coaches. This is a courtesy service we provide to program directors who are purchasing a block of at least 10 licenses. Please click the “Go to Bulk Purchase Page” button below.