College Instructors

Do you want an EASIER way to prepare students for an investor pitch competition (like Shark Tank)?

Our College Foundation Course helps instructors tackle their biggest challenges:

1 Saves instructor time

2 Teaches students how to create three types of investor pitches

3 Applies to startup AND traditional business models

4 Increases student engagement, confidence, and excitement

5 Can help instructors increase alumni and corporate engagement


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College Foundation Course

Case Studies

151% Average Student Improvement

75+ Students Per Year

Improved Student Pitch Quality

64% Average Student Improvement

Instructor Testimonials

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Our College Foundation Course has been used by over


student entrepreneurs!

Ways to Pay for the Course

The College Foundation Course is $9.99/student for a one semester license (six-months).


Individual Purchase:

Instructors that would like to integrate the College Foundation Course into their educational process/curriculum can have students purchase it as they would a textbook (from the College Student Courses page of our website).


Bulk Purchase:

Some instructors may want to purchase a block of licenses in advance and provide a coupon code to their students in order for them to enroll.


Download Our Free Getting Started Guide

College Foundation Course

Two Feedback Methods

The College Foundation Course was designed so that students stop at certain points and get feedback on drafts they create (using the course templates). This feedback accelerates their learning process and gives them an opportunity to try-and-learn multiple times in the course and before they get in front of judges or investors.

There are two ways (methods) for students to get that feedback, and the class instructor decides which is best for their situation:

1) Peer feedback. This requires very little time from the instructor and works well in large class sizes.

2) Instructor feedback. The students submit their drafts to the instructor (like homework) for review and feedback.

Optional Improvement Scores

For instructors who use method #2 above (instructor feedback), they have the option of scoring the student entrepreneurs on learning objectives to create a student improvement score. The student scores can be averaged to create an improvement score for the program.

The program improvement score can be used not only to show the quantitative success of the education program and differentiate it from others, but also:

  • To strengthen future grant applications
  • For other fundraising and budgeting purposes.


To learn more, see our Improvement Scores page and download the Getting Started Guide.