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Do you want an EASIER way to prepare students for an investor pitch event (like Shark Tank)?

Our Foundation Course helps instructors tackle their biggest challenges:

1 Saves instructor time

2 Teaches students how to create three types of investor pitches

3 Applies to startup AND traditional business models

4 Increases student engagement, confidence, and excitement

5 Can help instructors increase alumni and corporate engagement

Our Foundation Course has been used by over


student entrepreneurs!

Student Improvement Scores


Try-and-Learn with a Coach

Our online Foundation Course is designed to be used in conjunction with a coach (instructor, TA, mentor), who provides feedback on the drafts the student CEOs create. These feedback loops allow the entrepreneur to try-and-learn many times with their coach and before they get in front of investors or judges.

A coach usually spends 1-4 hours in total with each student CEO over the entire course.


Student Improvement Scores

Using the Foundation Course, coaches can also score CEOs on core learning objectives during feedback loops and generate a student improvement score. See our Improvement Scores page to learn more.

Instructor Testimonials

Please see our Testimonials Page for testimonials from Johns Hopkins Business School, University of Baltimore, UMBC, Loyola University of Maryland.

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