Early-Stage Companies & First-Time CEOs

Raised over $2.5 million


Carolyn Yarina, CEO

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Won pitch competition and $100k

“The Investment Summary (Read Me Pitch) is like working your core muscles for sports. You always have this rock-solid base to lean on no matter what happens. ”

Jared Marmen, CEO, Chord Collar

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Raised over $5.0 million

“As a first-time founder, pitching your company is incredibly daunting. For me, Pitch Creator boiled the art of the pitch down into concise, consumable parts that I used to raise over $1,800,000 in my first seed round.”

Param Shah, Founder and CEO

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Raised $600k


Brad Hennessie, CEO

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Raised $25k with our Course


Winston Frazer, CEO

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Secured $100k in Seed Funding

“Pitch Creator provided an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that was pivotal in winning $100,000 in initial seed funding.”

Mark McTanny, CEO and Founder


Mark Olcott, CEO

“Sure, we raised money in prior companies, but Pitch Creator made this time easier. Come next round, we’ll do a Pitch Creator refresher. It’s a no-brainer.” 

PJ Bellomo, Chariman, Blue Sources