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We plan to add more free courses in 2019 so check back soon!

Later-Stage Companies and Repeat CEOs


Later-Stage Companies

A one-day, continuing-education masterclass for CEOs of later-stage companies.  We focus on creating an effective pitch to late-stage investors or positioning your company for sale.  This class will have limited seats available and be geared toward companies with $5.0+ million of revenue. CEOs of companies with at least $1.0 million of revenue are welcome to enroll.

All CEOs


The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Pitching Investors

We highlight 9 common mistakes entrepreneurs make when pitching investors. Being aware of them is over half the battle! We also include tips and ways to avoid these common mistakes that will put you ahead of most founders/CEOs.


Why a “Read Me Pitch” is More Important Than a Slide Deck?

If you search for, “how to pitch investors,” you will find a lot of information on how to create a slide deck. However, a slide deck is not as important as a, “read me pitch.” This FREE mini-course consists of three video lessons and you will learn: 1) What is a Read Me Pitch? 2) Why is it more important than a slide deck?


Spring 2019 Edition

(open for enrollment until July 2019)

This online course is the fastest way to learn how to create an effective pitch to investors. You will watch instructional videos and learn how to:

  • create the three types of pitches required for fundraising success
  • develop them efficiently using our templates and building block approach
  • practice effectively, get feedback, and continue to improve


Fall 2019 Edition

This course is designed to be a highly efficient way to create an effective pitch to investors.  We believe it is the fastest way to create the three types of investor pitches you need to be successful: 1) “elevator pitch” (introduction/teaser); 2) “read me pitch” (investment summary or executive summary); and 3) “listen to me pitch” (slide deck or pitch deck). 

Coming Soon!