Other Educators

“Other Educators” are preparing CEOs for a business pitch competition and include incubator/accelerator programs, workforce development programs, and similar groups.

Hire Pitch Creator to Train Your Entrepreneurs/CEOs for a Business Pitch Competition

Option 1 – Advanced Training Program

Our advanced training program (8-12 weeks) prepares your CEOs/entrepreneurs for a business pitch competition with a monetary prize or investment. We also teach foundational skills for pitching investors and raising capital.


Option 2 – Basics Training Program

Our basics training program (8-12 weeks) prepares your entrepreneurs for a business pitch presentation or event. A monetary prize for the winner(s) will increase entrepreneur engagement significantly, but is not required.


To learn more:

Please send an email to support@PitchCreator.com and include:

  • The date of your business pitch competition.
  • The number of CEOs/entrepreneurs who will participate in our training program.


Please see our Other Educators Testimonials page and References and Case Studies page


(Participate in presentations, use our courses, etc.)

Case Studies

62% Average Entrepreneur Improvement

151% Average Student Entrepreneur Improvement

Accelerator Winner of $100k

64% Average Student Entrepreneur Improvement

Use Our Online Foundation Course


Instead of hiring Pitch Creator to train their CEOs for a business pitch competition/event, some organizations choose to use our online Foundation Course as a supplement to their program. You are welcome to do this, but we do not offer instructor training or have an instructor manual. Therefore, we suggest you go through the online course to get a sense of how it works and if it is a fit for your program.


A subscription to our online Foundation Course is $36 per person for a 6-month online course license and there are two ways to purchase:


1) Individual purchase (preferred method): individual CEOs purchase by going to our CEOs & Founders page and choosing the “Foundation Course.”


2) Bulk purchase: this is not our preferred method, but a courtesy service we provide to program directors who are purchasing a block of at least 10 licenses. Please click the “Go to Bulk Purchase Page” button below.


Also, please note that Pitch Creator is a social impact organization and we self-fund operations by selling online courses and training programs; we don’t receive grants or tax-free donations.