Accelerator Instructors

Do you want an EASIER way to prepare entrepreneurs for your investor pitch event? 

Our online Foundation Course was designed to teach CEOs the fundamental principles of how to communicate with investors. This also makes it a “capacity expansion tool” for instructors at accelerators/incubators.



Integrated into Your Curriculum

Instructors integrate the Foundation Course into their educational curriculum and entrepreneurs purchase it like a book (from the Courses page of our website). Entrepreneurs/CEOs learn how to create the three types of investor pitches required to be successful.  We recommend that each entrepreneur/CEO is paired with at least one mentor/adviser (see guide below).


Our Foundation Course helps accelerator/incubator instructors tackle their biggest challenges:

#1Raising capital is a time-consuming topic for you to teach.

#2 – You have companies of different stages.

#3 – Some are small/traditional businesses and others are startups.

#4 – You are teaching entrepreneurs with different levels of experience.

#5 – Your investor pitch competition has a high administrative burden.



Deb Tillett, President & Executive Director, Emerging Technology Centers (ETC)



“I was thrilled to find this course took a deep dive into the details needed for individuals who are getting ready to pitch investors.  The details and information were great, and we’ve chosen to use Pitch Creator as part of our investment program.”

Kathie Callahan Brady, CEO, Frederick Innovative Technology Center (FITCI)



Jen Meyer, Former CEO, Betamore


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Center for Entrepreneurship

“Pitch Creator has the essential ingredients I need to help founders of all shapes and sizes to tell their story.  In other words, Pitch Creator makes me more effective as an instructor and mentor.”

Henry Mortimer, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Baltimore


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