Colleges Instructors Trial

Foundation Course

Free Trial for College/University Entrepreneurship Instructors

First: View Course Landing Page

First, check out the Foundation Course landing page to get a sense of what students will see when they are getting ready to purchase a course license.

Please Note: Student Discount

The price on the landing page of the Foundation Course is for full-time CEOs/Founders. When students purchase the Foundation Course for your class (like a book) we provide a student discount code.

Finally: Request FREE instructor trial

To request a FREE instructor trial license (active for 7 days), please send an email to with the following information: 

  1. Your full name and LinkedIn profile page.
  2. Your school and class/course name.
  3.  Do you have an investor pitch event (like Shark Tank)? If so, please provide website and/or date.
  4. Number of students who will participate in that investor pitch event?